• The Drip-Jet™ is a new irrigation technique that applies small frequent
    watering applications. It works with either drip or sprinkler devices.
    A simple drip emitter controls the output (see photo #1 above).
    Since water usage is tightly controlled it can accommodate any soil
    type or hydroponic growth medium. Hydroponic growth mediums
    typically offer the advantage of being highly permeable to air
    (such as sand or clay pellets) which allow more oxygen getting
    to the roots but these mediums are also very poor in holding the
    water to prevent it from leaching out. No problem! The Drip-Jet™ system
    is a one-way irrigation system but provides the moisture needed without
    wasting water. It can deliver the water to match the rate the plants take
    in the water before it can leach away. Conventional hydroponics address this
    problem in a different way by re-cycling the water and nutrients but this leads
    to a toxic build-up from the respiratory waste products, and also leads to the
    possibility of cross-contamination and diseases. It may also require an
    additional filtering system.
  • Output pulse rate is regulated with a variety of drip emitters like those shown in the first picture.
  • Provides close water management and can be employed with either sprinkler or drip devices.
  • Runs on Magnets, No Batteries or Electricity. Works off your water pressure.
  • Requires Only a Minimum Water Pressure of 30 psi.
  • Select the Inlet Emitter Rate to match your Soil Infiltration Rate.
  • Ideal for seed germination to maintain moisture levels.
  • Up to about 12,000 sq. ft. of Coverage.
  • Where you must supply your own water pressure lower output pumps and smaller conduits would be needed
    to meet the low supply rate requirements.
  • Saves water and increases water use efficiency

drip-jet™ Benefits

See "Pulse drip irrigation" article in Wikipedia

Runs automatically: Leave it on all day without risk of overwatering.

Speeds plant growth and nutrient uptake: "Compared to continuously irrigated plants, intermittently irrigated plants had 43% greater root dry weight, 0.7% greater N concentration, and 43% more N leached from the substrate."

Instant Gardening: You can start a garden instantly with just mulch and a little bit of fertilizer. The drip-jet™ pulse drip irrigation system will provide the water your plants need and speed up the conversion from mulch to compost as your garden continues to grow.

Seed Germination in Sand or Soil: The drip-jet™ pulse drip irrigation system provides continuous moisture without overwatering so your seeds can fully sprout in situ without transplanting in just about any medium you choose, sand or soil.

Outdoor Hydroponics: The drip-jet™ system can easily grow plants outdoors in just about any medium. For growing in sand begin with a sand bed at least 12 inches deep. Then lightly spread some slow release fertilizer on the surface next to the plants or sprouting seeds. The drip-jet™ system can then apply water at a slow rate without leaching down to the subsoil. Sand provides more aeration than regular soil and provides more efficient water assimilation for plants. Sand is also an inhospitable environment for many plant pests and diseases, and makes the task of weeding a lot easier too! Coarse grained river sand (the kind they use to make concrete) works best.

Transplanting: Intermittent sprinkling will provide quicker recovery and avoid water stress and over watering during the critical period when transplants are being established.

Sprinklers and Drip: The drip-jet™ system can be deployed with either sprinkler or drip irrigation devices and can extend conventional low output drip systems to ultra-low micro-irrigation levels.

Cooling: The drip-jet™ system can run intermittent foggers and micro-sprinklers to provide refreshing evaporative cooling for your personal comfort. Keeps plants and animals cool too.